tearsHeard on Jazz FM’s Late Lounge. Iiro Rantala is a Finnish jazz pianist, and Lost Heroes is an album of solo piano pieces from 2011, all dedicated to musician “heroes”.  This one was inspired by Esbjorn Svennson (of the EST Trio, who died in a scuba diving accident in 2008), and like those EST records – (such as Strange Place for Snow, 2002, which I have), it has a very resonant piano sound and a cool feel. (I’m not using “cool” here in the usual slang sense, I mean “low temperature”, the opposite of “hot jazz” I suppose). That doesn’t mean it’s unemotional. This piece has a simple but very affecting melody with a rippling arpeggio accompaniment. I’ve heard some other tracks from the album, including tracks inspired by Errol Garner and Bill Evans, which are very different. I plan to listen to the rest when I can – unfortunately Spotify doesn’t have the full album.