220px-Sunday_at_the_Village_VanguardThis was the moment when the jazz trio became closer to the classical trio, in that all three players are important, rather than the previous norm in jazz where two members were there just to accompany the soloist. It was included on the famous Sunday at the Village Vanguard LP. Evans was, of course, classically trained, and always more interested in impressionistic, modal harmony, counterpoint and languid melody than in rapid scale passages of jazz pyrotechnics. For the previous six years he had worked with jazz visionaries George Russell and Miles Davis, including a very prominent role on Kind of Blue. But this was his first trio, with Scott LaFaro on bass and Paul Motian on drums. (LaFaro was unfortunately killed in a car accident just a few weeks after these recordings were made). “My Man’s Gone Now”, a modal arrangement of the George Gershwin aria from Porgy and Bess, is a great illustration of how closely the three players interact with each other and create the mood of the piece (described as “unbelievably poignant” in the original liner notes, and it is) as a whole.