An ongoing chronology – corrections and additions very welcome. See here for biographical details of composers.

Additional dates after individual entries denote first performance when known, or time period when composed

Scroll down for symphonies where dates are unknown/uncertain

Peter Maxwell Davies: Symphony No 7 (fp 19 June 2000, St Magnus Festival, Orkney)
Peter Maxwell Davies: Symphony No 8 “Antarctic” (fp 6 May 2001, RFH, cond. PMD)
David F Golightly: Symphony No 1 “Middlesborough” (UK premiere 2011, Northern Sinfonia/Tim Redmond)
Adam Gorb: Symphony No 1 in C for wind ensemble
Iain Kendell: Symphony No 1 (strings and percussion)
John McLeod: Symphonies of Stone and Water

Ian Balfour: Symphony No 6
Christopher Bodman: Woodlands Symphony
Arthur Butterworth: Sinfonia Concertante for Brass Band, op 113
Matthew Curtis: Sinfonietta
Graham Whettam: Symphony No 5
James Wilson: Symphony No 3 (fp 2003?)

Marcus Blunt: Symphony No 2 (revised 2016, recorded on Metier)
Derek Bourgeois: Symphony No 8 “The Mountains of Majorca”, op 184a
Arthur Butterworth: Symphony No. 5, op 115 (2001-2)
Andrew Downes: Symphony No 5, op 79 (scored for flute orchestra)
Michael Garrett: Symphony No 9, op 144 in one movement
Sonja Grossner: Symphony No 2, “Genesis” in seven movements
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 1 (recorded, Albany)
David Hackbridge Johnson: Symphony No 6 in F# minor, op 105 (2001-2)
David Hackbridge Johnson: Symphony No 7, op 115, for chamber orchestra
James MacMillan: Symphony No 3 “Silence”
Anthony Powers: Symphony No 2 (London, June 2002)
Graham Waterhouse: Sinfonietta for String Orchestra, op 54
Michael Wolters: Spring Symphony “The Joy of Life” (30 seconds long)

Julian Anderson: Symphony No 1
Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 9-15
Steve Elcock: Symphony No. 2, op 14
Michael Garrett: Symphony No 10, op 148 (2002–2003)
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 2 (first broadcast 16/7/19)
David Hackbridge Johnson: Symphony No 8 “On Byzantine Hymns” op 116 (2002-3)
John Pickard: Gaia Symphony (No 4) for Brass Band (1991-2003)
Barry Russell: Supermarket Symphony (fp 10/4/2003 at ASDA in Harpurhey)
Sinan Savaskan: Symphony No 4 “Algorithm of Obsession”
Clive Strutt: Symphony No 7 in G minor, “Athonite”
Alan Taylor: Symphony No 3

Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 16-19
John Casken: Symphony: “Broken Consort” (Proms, 2004)
James Cook: Organ Symphony
Hywel Davies: Chamber Symphony
Robert Farnon: Symphony No 3 “Edinburgh” (fp 14 May, 2005, Usher Hall)
Karel Janovicky: Symphony (No 2? – first 1951)
John Kinsella: Symphony No 9 for String Orchestra
John Metcalf: Cello Symphony
Phillip Sawyers: Symphony No 1 (fp 2005)
Clive Strutt: Symphony No 9 in D minor, “The Fountain of Tears”
Alan Taylor: Chamber Symphony No 4
Peter Thompson: Symphony No 1 (Fand Music Press)
Shirley J Thompson: New Nation Rising, a 21st Century Symphony
Errollyn Wallen: Spirit Symphony – Speed-Dating for Two Orchestras
(fp RFH, November 2004)

Richard Arnell: Symphony No 7 (1996-2005 – completed by Martin Yates from sketches)
Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 20-27
Michael Garrett: Symphony No 11 with soprano, tenor and baritone soloists, in ten movements (2003-5)
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 3 (recorded, Chandos)
Patrick Jonathan: Symphony No 2 “DEBS” (fp Scottsdale, Arizona, January 2007)
Beresford King-Smith: Choral Symphony
Ivor McGregor: Symphony No 1
Nicholas Simpson: Symphony No 2
C S L Parker: String Symphony No
Francis Routh Symphony No 2, op 75 (2003-5)
Matthew Taylor: Symphony No 3, op 33 (2003-5)

Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 28-35
Arthur Butterworth: Symphony No 6, op 124
John McCabe: Symphony on a Pavanne (No 6)

Judith Bailey: Cliff Walk Symphony, op 82 (fp Jan 2008, Cornwall Chamber Orch)
Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 36-41
Andrew Gant “A British Symphony”
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 4 (recorded, Chandos)
Edward Harper: Symphony No 2 for chorus and orchestra (incomplete version premiered 2006)
Clive Jenkins: Sinfonietta for Strings
David Matthews: Symphony No 6 (fp 1 August 2010, Proms)
John McCabe: Symphony No 7 Labyrinth
Stephen McNeff: Sinfonia (Dutton recording)
Rodney Newton: Four Cities Symphony
Alasdair Nicolson: The Broken Symphony
Philip Sawyers: Symphony No 2 (recording: Nimbus, 2013)
Nicholas Simpson: Symphony No 3 (check)
Ronald Stevenson: In Praise of Ben Dorain, choral symphony (fp Glasgow, 19 Jan 2008)
Giles Swayne: Symphony No 1 – A Small World (2006-7, fp 17th November 2007, St David’s Hall, Cardiff, BBC National Orchestra of Wales cond. Jac van Steen)

Ian Balfour: Symphony No 7 “Requiem”
Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 42-43
Michael Garrett: Symphony No 12 “Le Retour du Printemps” in one movement, op 200
Alan Taylor: Chamber Symphony No 5
Peter Thompson: Symphony No 2 (Fand Music Press)

Ian Balfour: Symphony No 8
Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 44-52
Ronald Corp: Symphony No 1
Michael Garrett: Symphony No 13, op 225
Andrew Glover: Symphony No 2 “Byzantium” (2006–2009)
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 5 (recorded, Discovery)
Emily Howard: Symphony: Magnetite
Ivor McGregor: Symphony No 2
David Matthews: Symphony No 7 (fp 24 April 2010, Manchester)
John Middleton: Symphony No 2 “Bird Symphony (2004-9)
Philip Spratley: Symphony No 2 “A Symphony in Autumn” op 56 (2008-9)
Philip SpratleySymphony No 3 “Sinfonia Pascale”

Ian Balfour: Chamber Symphony No 3
Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 53-62
Richard Causton: Chamber Symphony for 16 players (2009, revised 2010) (NMC recording)
Steve Elcock Symphony No 3 (2005-10) (recorded Toccata)
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 6 (recorded, Discovery)
Kevin O’Connell: Symphony
Christopher Painter: Symphony No 3 “Fire in the Snow”, op 53 (fp 19 June 2010, Mexico City)
Kevin Volans: Symphony: Daar Kom die Alibama

Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 63-68
Gordon Crosse: Symphony No 3 (2010-11) (fp 27 October 2017, BBC Philharmonic, cond. Michael Seal, Maida Vale)
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 7 in one movement(recorded, Discovery)

Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 69-80
Arthur Butterworth: Symphony No 7, op 140
Simon DobsonA Symphony of Colours for wind band
Peter Maxwell Davies: Symphony No 9, Op 315 (fp 9 June 2012)
John Gourlay: Symphony of Seasons
Edward Gregson: Symphony in two movements for brass band (fp Cadogan Hall, April 2012). Revised for symphonic brass and percussion, 2015 (fp 18 July 2015, Denver)
David Hackbridge Johnson: Symphony No 9 in C# minor, op 295 (in three movements)
John Kinsella: Symphony No 10
Peter Lyne Symphony No 2
Stuart Mitchell: Symphony No 1 in Bb major
Geoff Palmer: A Cædmon Symphony
Francis Routh Symphony No 3, op 79 (2010-12)
Alan Taylor: Symphony for Winds

Daniel Basford – Symphony No 1 for Concert Band (fp 1 Aug 2013, Hertfordshire Wind Sinfonia)
Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 81-89
Gordon Crosse: Symphony No 4 (In Memoriam Elizabeth Crosse)
Steve Elcock: Symphony No. 4, op 19 (2012-3)
Peter Maxwell Davies: Symphony No 10 (fp 2 Feb 2014 LSO, Barbican)
David Hackbridge Johnson: Symphony No 10, op 312 No 1
Stuart Mitchell: Symphony in the Key of H
David Owen Norris: Symphony
Michael Nyman: Symphony No 2 (fp 30 April 2014, RPO, Royal Festival Hall)
Michael Nyman: Symphony No 5 (fp 2 May, Spain)
Michael Nyman: Symphony No 6 “Ahae” (fp 6 Sept, LSO)
Philip Spratley: Symphony No 3 “Sinfonia Pascale”, op 64 (2010-13)
Peter Thompson: Symphony No 3 (Fand Music Press)
Huw Watkins: Little Symphony

Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 90-100
Nigel Clarke:Symphony No 1 “A Richer Dust” for Speaker and Wind Orchestra
Steve Elcock: Symphony No. 5, Op. 21 (recorded by Toccata)
David Hackbridge Johnson: Symphony No 12
David Matthews: Symphony No 8 (fp 17 April 2015, Manchester)
Michael Nyman: Symphony No 3 “Symphony of sexual songs”
Michael Nyman: Symphony No 11 “Hillsborough” (fp 5 July 2014, Liverpool PO)
Michael Nyman: Symphony No 12
John Pickard: Symphony No 5 (fp 7 June 2016, BBC NOW, Cardiff)
Peter Seabourne: Symphony of Roses (2011-14)
Peter Seabourne: Symphony No 2 (2010-14)

Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 101-109
Laurence Crane: Chamber Symphony No 2 (‘The Australian’)
James MacMillan: Symphony No 4 (fp 3 August 2015, BBC Proms)
Paul Mealor: Symphony No 1 Passiontide
Philip Sawyers: Symphony No 3 (fp 28 Feb 2017)
Peter Seabourne: Symphony No 3 (2014-15)
Raymond Yiu: Symphony (2014-15) (fp BBC Proms, 25 Aug 2015)

Derek Bourgeois: Symphonies Nos 110-114
Nigel Clarke: Symphony No 2 “Outrageous Fortune” for Trombone, Actor & Wind Orchestra
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 8 (2015-16)(in three movements)
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 9 (in four movements)
Paul Mealor: Symphony No 2 Sacred Places
Matthew Taylor: Symphony No 4 (2015-16) (fp 15 May 2017, Barbican)

Steve Elcock: Symphony No. 6, Op. 30, “Tyrants Destroyed”
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 10 (2016-17)(Signum recording)
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 11
David Hackbridge Johnson: Symphony No 13, op 361 No 1
David Hackbridge Johnson: Symphony No 15 Where the Wind is born
John Joubert: Symphony No 3 on themes from the opera “Jane Eyre”
Rob Keeley: Symphony no 2 in four movements
John Middleton: Symphony No 4 “A Blackbird in Quorn”
Nigel Osborne: Birth of the Beatles Symphony
Stephen Pratt: Symphonies of Time and Tide (in one movement) (fp 18 Jan 2018, Liverpool)
Philip Sawyers: Symphony No 4
Peter Seabourne: Symphony No 4
Mark Anthony Turnage Symphonic Movements
Huw Watkins: Symphony (fp 20 April 2017, Manchester, Halle Orchestra)

Nicholas Barton: Accord: Symphony in One Movement (2018) (Toccata recording)
Christopher Gunning: Symphony No 12 (check date) (Signum recording)
Patrick Hawes: The Great War Symphony (fp 9 October 2018, Royal Albert Hall)
Thomas Hyde: Symphony (fp 10 March, 2018, Glasgow, BBC SSO)
James MacMillan: Symphony No 5, Le grand Inconnu (fp 17 August, 2019, Usher Hall, Edinburgh)
David Matthews: Symphony No 9 (fp 9 May 2018, St George’s Bristol)
Paul Mealor: Symphony No 3 llumination (fp Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff, 30 November 2018)
Peter Thompson: Symphony No 4
Christopher Wright: Symphony (fp 25 May 2018, English Music Festival, Dorchester)

Michael Csányi-Wills Symphony No 1 (fp Cardiff University Orchestra, Nov 2019)
Stuart MacRae: Prometheus Symphony (fp 19 September 2019, Lammermuir Festival)
Matthew Taylor: Symphony No 5 (fp 9 June, 2019, ESO)

Steve Elcock: Symphony No 7, op 33 (recorded by Toccata)
Steve Elcock: Symphony No 8, op 37 (2019-20)
David Matthews: Symphony No 10
Adrian Williams: Symphony No 1 (recorded by Nimbus)

Marc Harris: Symphony No. 1 ”Shifting Sands” (private recording)
Huw Watkins: Symphony No 2 (fp The Hallé Orchestra
15 April 2021, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester)

Julian Anderson: Symphony No 2 ‘Prague Panoramas’ (first complete performance BBC Proms, 5 August 2022)